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  1. Weddings/Events in Lagos are relatively more expensive than in every other part of the country. No matter your budget; based on extant laws and policies, venue’s cost and entertainment, weddings/Events in Lagos are more expensive. However, with the help of a good planner and a detailed/comprehensive budget, cost can be pruned down to a reasonable budget.
  2. You can pay for a product/service and not get it. You probably might say; I will get a refund or won’t pay the balance. This is only possible in situations where you discover the shortcoming. Vendors (the unprofessional) in Lagos can be so clever that they will make sure the product or service (most times products) is in your eyes but not in your hands. They most times under-deliver in terms of quality or quantity.
  3. Most halls will always give you a capacity 30% more than the achievable and convenient capacity with respect to any kind of setting you are enquiring about.
  4. Some halls are about the floor and will charge you additional fees for;
    • Chairs and tables
    • Stage modules for the ones with no permanent stage.
    • Changing rooms
    • Venue multimedia services
    • Electricity – vendors who need electricity have to bring their generators.

 Be meticulous when you are comparing hall charges. Know what each venue offers.

     5. Time covered by the hall charge: venue mangers should confirm if:

 i) They charge for hours (8 hours/12 hours)

 ii) If they charge for time span. You should also be informed of option/flexibility of paying for extra hours so that your guests are not embarrassed or chased out of the venue because the venue wants to be set up for another event (particularly church services) the following day.

    6. You need a planner/ consultant (a good one at that), that will give optimum value for what you are paying. How do you know the appropriate one? This is another discussion we will be willing to discuss but not in this context. Clue is he/she should be able to get you so much value before and at your request. Having spoken to a few couples after their weddings, almost all concluded that they wished they had been informed about some things before they got married.
7. You need a delicious, tasteful menu. It is not about the varieties your guests have to choose from (very ok when you can afford it) but good, tasteful meals even if they just have 3 options on the menu. Nobody really remembers the varieties but the taste.
8. You don’t need everybody. People always say no matter what you spend, some people will still be unsatisfied but I can tell you it’s a fallacy. Call a few dear people and spoil them on your big day; they will always reminisce and spread the news. When you can afford the crowd, please make sure you book the appropriate space and a professional planner.
9. Your entertainment should be for you and your guests. The band and the compere should not take you far away but follow your theme and carry your guests along. Please work with both before and not on the day.
10. Make someone responsible. This is where the contracted planner/consultant comes into play. You could have familiar vendors, but note that familiarity spells disaster sometimes. After negotiating with your vendors, hand them over to your planner/consultant to monitor and supervise.

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