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Good vendors are like gems that add color/glitter to your event. Most times, clients have yardsticks for choosing their vendors but I will advise that rates/charges should never be used as a yardstick.


  1. A good vendor emphasizes on values rather than fee – a very good service/product comes at a considerable fee but good vendors communicate what your benefits are, make sure you comprehend and you are pleased before negotiation.
  2. They always come at a relatively higher but affordable fee. I am sure if a diamond wristwatch is offered to you for 10 dollars in an open market, you will be reluctant to pay. However, good vendors would afford to give you a high discount just to offer you their services when they are aware you appreciate their service but have a lean budget.
  3. They are accessible – Because, it is what they do for a living, they value your patronage. All their communication channels are usually open and their correspondence is superb.
  4. They are consistent – Do a memory check; your friend’s wedding was at a high budget but your niece’s wedding was a low budget. Come to think of it, service delivery was the same and superb. Good vendors don’t communicate class or budget; they communicate value and excellence once they agree to your terms.
  5. They have a trademark – Macdonald’s prides itself in delivering same value wherever and whenever. Good vendors have carved a niche for themselves and their trademark is expressed seamlessly.
  6. They don’t exploit – They intimate you about everything and will not take advantage of your naivety. They take time to explain explicitly all the intricacies of their service and products.
  7. They don’t compromise. This is a very vital trait used to bait the mediocre. For any price as ridiculous as it can ever be, the novice will agree and still assure you the best. Good vendors are never afraid to let go, for any price named, they will tell you what you can get and at some prices, they will rather not take the job.
  8. They add extra value – No matter the value paid for and expected, clients get an extra value from good vendors. From a cake baker coming with an LED stand to add colour, to a decorator mesmerising you with special effects and electronic dance floor, the list is endless.
  9. They are highly recommended – Based on their antecedents, they come highly recommended (especially for those who have been there for a while). Their reputation is more important to them than your money so they would not want to throw that away.

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